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6-Layer GN Pan 1/1 Electric Combi Oven With Boiler  
รหัส : 0757117
ยี่ห้อ : PRIMO
รุ่น : COMBIPRO611
ราคาพิเศษ :  388,000.00
รายละเอียดย่อ :
Brand : PRIMO
Model : COMBIPRO2011
รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :

Power         : 380-415V 3N~, 50/60Hz, 12.3kW

Include         : 4 rack

Boiler Power : 9kW

Roast Power : 12kW

Net Weight : 153 kg

Gross Weight : 187.5 kg

Warranty         : 1 year

-  Built-in Boiler Steam Generator: Built-in Turbo-Booster boiler, strong and efficient fresh steam generator, fully meet the requirements of fine steam mass. A Linux-based controller can quickly meet the extended function demand of smart kitchen for internet-based retail service.
-  Wide range cooking temperature regulation at 30 - 300? , Delta T temperature difference control and multi-stage cooking control perfectly realize different cooking methods such as fried, steamed, stewed, barbecued, etc.
-  A max. storage capacitly of 1024 menus, up to 15 cooking stages for each cuisine. The combi oven can store 1024 menus, providing users with functions that are urgently needed,including the standardization of complex dishes, big data statistics and transmission, etc. Even untrained people can quickly get started; each menu has up to 15 cooking stages, allowing the ingredients fully release the nutrition and quickly finish cooking.
-  The unique self-diagnosis function of NopeinCombi facilitates timely detection of faults and rapid maintenance. Combi oven's system authority
-  Hierarchical management, which includes daily operation, manager authority and background data analysis and diagnosis, three levels of authority, to meet the individual needs of end users and rental business.
-  Powerful data background management with Self Diagnosis Function
-  The unique self-diagnosis function of combi oven facilitates timely detection of faults and rapid maintenance.
-  Dynamic Air Vortex
-  High precision, multi-point sensor probe
-  The durable key components are selected from well-known international manufacturers.
-  Each layer is cooked separately and carried out at the same time to complete a large number of different dishes at one time.
-  IOT Wireless Interconnection: Smart connect allows real-time access to your device via any smart device.
-  Two-step Opening Door: The two-stage handle helps avoid injuries from steam.
-  3 Layer of Heat Insulating Glass: Equipped with 3 layers of insulating glass, the glass has a LOW-E film coating to minimize the heat loss.Through the design of the space layer between the glass, the full use of air insulation can ensure that the temperature of the outermost glass can be controlled to avoid high-temperature burns and accidents.
-  Shelf mode, the cooking time of each layer is controlled separately



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